About & Artist Statement

Anne-Marie Mackor (1976) is an art historian, professional portrait painter and art teacher (Volksuniversiteit Baarn). Anne-Marie exhibited her portraits at the Dutch National Portrait Prize in 2020, 2018 and 2016. In addition to her commissioned work (portraits), her paintings portray human figures as well as flora and fauna.

Nature Morte series
Since the end of the 17th century, the term nature morte (still life) has been used in French to designate the domain of painting which depicts nature. In our time, the ill-considered action of man contributes to the destruction of nature. With this dark perspective in mind, the term nature morte takes on its full meaning. In my serie of paintings I try to demonstrate the stillness and suffering of nature. To observe the pain in nature and realize that it is time for action.

Dutch heritage
All my life I have been intrigued by the Flemish Primitives (early Netherlandish painters from the late Middle Ages), such as Rogier van der Weyden. The stillness in his paintings, the layering of colors and the extremely intense emotions, all on a small panel, is utterly moving.

Rogier van der Weyden painted his deeply emotional images under the influence of the ‘Modern Devotion’ movement. It became increasingly important as a believer to immerse oneself in the suffering of Christ. Through meditation they tried to get as close as possible to that suffering. And visual aids, such as paintings, could aid the believer in their meditation and prayer.

I notice more and more that I am also looking for stillness and emotions in my panels. Not to show the suffering of Christ, but the suffering of nature nowadays. My series Nature Morte includes the described above; technical perfection, stillness and suffering. To deeply feel the pain in nature.

Continuous exhibitions in the Baarn / Amsterdam region
2020 Selected for group exhibition ‘Muse’ by the Dutch National Portrait Prize. September 2020, Loods 6, Amsterdam
2018 Selected for group exhibition ‘Self Portrait’ by the Dutch National Portrait Prize. September 2018, Loods 6, Amsterdam
2016 Selected for group exhibition by the Dutch National Portrait Prize. Oktober 2016, Loods 6, Amsterdam

Art History, University of Groningen (MA), Atelier Westerdok (Amsterdam), Wackers Academie (Amsterdam) , Gooise Academie (Laren) and lots and lots of painting master classes.

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